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Book Structure

Following introductory principles on the use of drugs in patients with renal impairment, the guide is structured into 13 colour coded therapeutic chapters including; anaemia, analgesia, antihistamines, anti-infectives, cardiovascular, endocrine & metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, immunosuppressants, musculoskeletal, neurology and psychotropics.

Each chapter contains general introductory statements that provide general information on the use of particular drugs or drug classes in patients with renal impairment or transplantation. General comments, comparisons, class statements, adverse effects or specific interactions are described in these introductory statements particularly where they relate to one or more drugs from the same or similar classes.

Each chapter then contains individual drug monographs arranged according to therapeutic and pharmacological classes. Each of the approximately 460 drug monographs contain information on:

  • Approved and accepted dose schedules for patients without renal impairment
  • Suggested dose schedules for patients with varying levels of renal function (including manufacturer recommendations)
  • Drug excretion in urine
  • Drug protein binding
  • Drug half-life
  • Volume of distribution
  • Drug metabolism
  • Drug dialysis clearance
  • Notes (Specific information, valuable tips or drug interactions that relate to the drugs use in renal impairment and transplantation)

The guide also contains a table with management recommendations for common CYP3A4 or P-gp mediated transplant immunosuppressant drug interactions. A table of vaccines contraindicated inimmunosuppressed patients is also included.

The book is indexed according to Australian approved generic and trade names for easy referencing.

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Principles of dose
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Anaemia ‘General
Information' 1

 Anaemia ‘General
Information' 2

Darbepoetin Monograph
Voriconazole Monograph
Valganciclovir Monograph
Sotalol Monograph
Metformin Monograph
Musculoskeletal ‘General
Information' 1
Musculoskeletal ‘General
Information' 2


 Enoxaparin Monograph

Phenytoin Monograph
Drug Interaction Table
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